Police driver blasted over ‘illegal U-turn’ in front of scooter

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A South Australian police officer is being criticised after a patrol car was filmed appearing to attempt an illegal U-turn causing a scooter rider to crash into the vehicle.

Video uploaded by Facebook group Dash Cam Owners Australia shows the crash on Halifax Street in Adelaide on March 25.

A rider approaches an area on the street with a traffic island ending. A police car in front of him turns into the street from the left.

A police car turns into the path of a scooter on Halifax Street, Adelaide.
A South Australia Police car pulls out in front of a scooter rider in Adelaide. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

The police car brakes on the left, appearing to pull over. However the officer then pulls out into the street, directly into the path of the scooter, causing the rider to crash into the side of the car.

The scooter rider claims the police car was attempting to do an illegal U-turn over the solid white-lined area of the traffic island.

It also appears the police car wasn’t indicating.

In South Australia, drivers are not allowed to perform a U-turn across a painted median strip or island, according to Royal Automobile Association of South Australia's SA Motor website.

SA Police told Yahoo News Australia the incident was under investigation.

"The matter is subject to an internal review, and no further comment is available at this time," a police spokesperson said.

Rider, social media users furious with police

The scooter rider was identified by 7News as Daniel Daw.

Mr Daw, 25, told 7News a police officer was "one of the least people you’d expect to do that to you”.

He added everyone, including officers of the law, should look out for oncoming traffic.

Mr Daw claims he injured his shoulder in the crash.

Social media users on Facebook were furious with police.

“Silly copper,” one person wrote.

Another chided the police officers involved for being “lazy” and “incompetent”.

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