Australia's military 'scheme' blasted by North Korea in scathing message

North Korea's state media has accused the US, the UK and Australia of a 'sinister' move as they looks to strengthen their AUKUS defence pact.

North Korea has joined China in lashing out at Australia's AUKUS military pact, accusing the group of intensifying tensions in the Indo-Pacific with the ultimate goal of "supremacy" in the region.

Unsurprisingly the most powerful country in the alliance, the US, was singled out by North Korea after it emerged Japan were being touted as a new addition to the AUKUS defence agreement which also includes the UK.

"It is the sinister intention of the US to make Japan... a crew member of a confrontation ship called AUKUS," North Korean international affairs analyst Kang Jin Song said in an editorial published on Thursday by state news agency KCNA.

"The US is now intensifying its scheme to expand and strengthen military blocs in the Asia-Pacific region," the article said, weeks after US President Joe Biden said AUKUS was "exploring how Japan can join our work".

Kim Jong Un visited the nearby water factory in 2016, state media reported at the time. Source: Getty
Kim Jong Un is known for his unpredictable nature, which will undoubtedly be a worry of the Australian government. Source: Getty

Like China and its notoriously nationalistic Global Times, state media in North Korea is influenced and controlled by the government, with such editorials heavily aligned to the views of senior figures.

A White House statement on April 10 said "recognising Japan's strengths and its close bilateral defence partnerships with the AUKUS countries, AUKUS partners ... are considering co-operation with Japan on AUKUS pillar two advanced capability projects".

The Japanese government welcomed its possible inclusion in military projects.

However, Pyongyang said the move would increase anti-China pressure in the Asia-Pacific as tensions continue to grow amid an increasingly complex strategic struggle Canberra is carefully trying to navigate.

"This is mainly aimed at building double and triple infrastructure for implementing the integrated deterrence strategy against China by ultimately putting together tools designed for achieving supremacy existing in the Asia-Pacific region in a latticed way," the North Korean article said.

There has also been ongoing commentary about Canada and New Zealand joining the pact.

albo xi
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's government has faced criticism from Xi Jinping's China for its involvement in AUKUS. Source: Getty

The AUKUS pact, signed in 2021 and considered by China as a threat to regional stability, includes the acquisition and development of nuclear-powered submarines for Australia and aims to reinforce the strategic presence of its partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

China has repeatedly scolded Australia over the pact despite relations improving following a disastrous period for Sino-Australia ties under former prime minister Scott Morrison.

Since the end of World War II, Japan has limited its military to self-defence but has an advanced defence industry and closely co-operates with the US.

At the same time, China is expanding its influence in the waters of the South China Sea and around Taiwan, raising tensions with its neighbours.

Beijing maintains territorial disputes with many countries in the resource-rich region through which 30 per cent of the world's trade passes.

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