'What if a child found this?': Commuter's sickening discovery on train

A dangerous find, believed to be on a Perth train, has angered many commuters who feared someone could have been seriously hurt.

A photo was shared to Reddit on Monday of what appears to be two syringes sticking out of a seat on-board a train.

Many recognised the service to be a Transperth train due to the seat fabric.

A photo was shared on Reddit showing two syringes sticking out of a seat onboard a train believed to be in Perth. Source: marndoggydog / Reddit

“That has to be intentional. The cap is right beside it. F***. People are d***s,” one wrote.

One Redditor, who said they personally used syringes for a medical condition, shamed the person who left the needles behind for not disposing of them properly.

“What if a child found this?” they wrote.

A Transperth spokesman told Yahoo News the incident had not been reported to the public transport provider.

The spokesman did say carriages are thoroughly cleaned and inspected at the end of the day “as a matter of course”.

He said posting pictures to social media “does nothing” to rectify the situation and urged commuters to alert train security staff if they came across syringes or other dangerous items in future.

“Even if no-one was around, all our railcars have buttons at every door where you can speak to the train driver, and our operational staff are thoroughly trained in how to safely dispose of sharps,” the company said in a statement to Yahoo News on Wednesday.

“The safety of our passengers is our highest priority and we would have removed them as soon as possible.”

Commuters can also report safety incidents by calling 136213.

They can help workers fix the issue by providing the name of the train line, time of service and carriage number the passenger was travelling on, Transperth advised.

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