'Came out of nowhere': Woman's reaction to creepy clown dropping into yard

A woman who witnessed a creepy clown doll fly into her yard said she slept with a knife under her bed and won’t see the the upcoming horror film IT.

According to Renee Jenson, it just happened she was looking up when a Pennywise toy fell into her backyard In New Jersey in the US while she and her boyfriend were by the pool.

The clown is a cartoonish version of the infamous Pennywise, from Stephen King’s iconic novel, IT. The second instalment of a new film adaption is set to hit cinemas in September.

Speaking to PIX 11, Renee said the doll was “way too high up” to be thrown, and it didn’t fall through the tree branches that cover her backyard.

Renee Jenson shared photos of the creepy clown which landed into her back yard, with 'culty' writing on its head. Source: PIX 11.

"It was scary because it just came out of nowhere. I think anybody, even if it was on your front porch and somebody rang your doorbell and ran off, you'd be disturbed," she said.

The doll had weird writing on the forehead, which is why the police came by to take a statement from Renee, however, they didn’t take the doll. So Renee burnt the toy.

Renee shared photos of the doll on Facebook and people weighed in on how they think the toy ended up in Renee’s yard.

“The character comes out of the sky with a balloon [in the film], so that’s why everybody thinks it’s so weird that this happened,” Renee told PIX 11.

Since the initial broadcast, Renee has made a public Facebook video, where she talks about the incident.

Renee was sitting by the pool, which is surrounded by trees when the Pennywise toy flew into her backyard. Source: PIX 11.

“It’s my 15 minute, of nonsense fame,” Renee Jensen said in a public Facebook video, after her story made international headlines.

“Part of me wishes I kept the damn doll, but I am kind of glad that I did not,” she said.

“Yes, I did sleep with a knife because I was by myself, and when a clown with ‘culty’ writing drops into your space, it’s a little scary.”

Renee said she locked all the doors and slept with the lights on before her boyfriend came home. Renee has her own Reiki practice, which is a form of alternative medicine.

“Yep, I took my big sage stick and I lit it up on Saturday after everything happened and I went around my whole property.”

In 2016 and 2017, clowns were terrorising people around the world. In Australia, police took the reports of clowns popping up seriously.

The second round of the clown sightings started in 2017, when the first instalment of the IT franchise starring Bill Skarsgard as the shape shifting clown was released in cinemas.

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