'We're coming back': Clown group issues chilling threat to 'scare' Australia

Australia has been warned - Clown Purge Australia say they're coming back after issuing a chilling threat to scare the country.

"Get ready for the 2nd round Australia, we're coming back for you and last night was only the beginning. We have big plans," the group has posted on their Facebook group.

Late last year, the creepy clown craze swept the globe, while police forces across Australia braced for scary clown sightings.

Several reported incidents and videos showing people dressed as creepy clowns went viral on social media and made TV news.

A video uploaded to Instagram appeared to show a group of men in a car pointing a gun and shouting at a clown in Chicago, who runs off into an alleyway.

Another terrifying video emerged of a clown trying to get into someone’s house in the middle of the night.

It's unclear why the group decided it was time to announce their return.

It's possible it could be a publicity stunt for IT, the new movie based on a novel by Stephen King that sees Pennywise as a shape-shifting, immortal entity that often takes the form of a clown and appears every 27 years to feed on children.

The character's calling card is a red balloon.

Clowns were seen all over the place late last year. Source: Supplied

Red balloons were seen popping up randomly in Sydney earlier this month with the message “It is closer than you think”.

It's also possible the stunt might have been orchestrated ahead of Halloween next month.

Red balloons were popping up around Sydney earlier this month. Source: Twitter

Last year police were taking the reports seriously due to the unknown nature of the stunt and several threats of violence being made.

The group have threatened they'll be heading for Brisbane City, Gold Coast, Cairns and Fraser Coast "within the next week".

They also say they will send 50 clowns to one spot on Halloween.

They claim they will turn up to the destination with the "most liked comments" on Facebook.