Passengers lucky to be alive after crash writes off $115,000 luxury car

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Two men are lucky a horrific car crash didn’t claim both their lives after the driver of a $115,000 sports car wrapped it around a pole.

A black Lotus Exige was ripped to shreds in Hong Kong’s Tai Po district on Saturday just before noon (local time) after the driver skidded and smashed into a pole, the South China Morning Post reports.

CCTV showed the Lotus Exige crash into a power pole in Hong Kong’s Tai Po district.
CCTV showed the Lotus crash into a power pole in Hong Kong. Source: Car CAM SWAT

Remarkably, both the 42-year-old driver and his 28-year-old passenger survived and went to hospital with neck and chest pains.

Police said the driver was sober but an investigation into the crash continues.

Nonetheless, video of it is doing the rounds online with people shocked that the two men survived.

One man wrote the video is the best introduction on why people should wear seatbelts.

“Can’t believe they weren’t seriously injured or killed. Very lucky,” another man wrote.

Others believed the passenger was inches away from death as he was the one closest to the pole.

A black Lotus Exige seen crashed in Hong Kong’s Tai Po district after hitting a pole.
Amazingly the pair in the car were OK. Source: Hong Kong Police via Car CAM SWAT

“Driving along having a bit of fun. One second later you could be dead. Be careful out on the roads,” another man wrote.

According to, the Lotus Exige retails for about $115,000.

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