BMW driver's bizarre parking job in garage divides opinion: ‘Lost for words’

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Is this the most impractical way to park your car at home?

California woman Lina Garbuzov filmed her neighbour parking their BMW in what appears to be a two-car garage.

The BMW is seen reversing and moving forward several times, trying to get out. 

It appears as though Ms Garbuzov's neighbour parked parallel in the garage and a second video uploaded to TikTok by her seemingly confirms this.

Ms Garburoz captioned the video showing her neighbour pulling out from the garage: "My neighbour is interesting."

A BMW driver pulls out of their garage after parking it parallel.
The driver of this BMW parks their car parallel in this garage. Source: TikTok/ Lina Garbuzov

She later added their neighbour parks like this “every single day”.

Many viewers wrote they needed to know why the BMW owner parks their car this way. Ms Garbuzov wrote she does not know.

The video was shared on Reddit where it divided opinion.

“I'm at a loss for words... How did they even get it in there in the first place?” one man wrote.

Theories emerge about BMW driver's parking preference

Another man wrote that parallel parking in a garage that size would only risk damage to the car.

“I don’t get why anyone would want to do that,” he wrote.

Some people wrote it reminded them of a scene from Austin Powers where the protagonist struggles to perform a three-point turn in a small cart in a hallway.

Others offered theories as to why the BMW driver parked their car like this with some suggesting they possibly wanted to save space in their garage.

“A lot of people do this as to prevent theft for example,” one man wrote.

Others agreed it could be a “deterrent” for trying to steal an expensive car such as a BMW as making a quick getaway from the garage could be nearly impossible.

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