'You can't park there mate!' Driver loses it after crashing $440,000 Ferrari

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Having car trouble is never fun.

But spare a thought for this man who seems to have lost control of his Ferrari.

David Swift filmed the moment he drove past the Ferrari on the side of the road, and uploaded the now-viral video to TikTok.

He passes the Ferrari, which appears to be stuck in a hedge on grass after hitting a bollard. A man stands next to it, appearing distressed while staring at the supercar.

Mr Swift passes on his sympathies to the man’s plight.

“You can’t park that there, mate,” he yells out the window.

A man is pictured next to a Ferrari F12.
A man seems troubled by the fate of a Ferrari F12. Source: TikTok/ David Swift

The man, not humoured by the taunt, offers a reply.

“F*** off,” he says.

The car appears to be a Ferrari F12 which is valued at about $440,000. It could be a hefty repair bill if there are any issues.

The video has since been shared on Twitter where it’s received more than one million views.

One man tweeted it’s “the most English thing” he’s ever seen.

Others questioned if the video was legitimate, asking how the driver got out of the car if it's right-hand drive and looking for any signs of skid marks.

People with supercars usually make news headlines for unfortunate reasons.

An Iraqi citizen in Norway who was not identified, was caught last month driving at 236km/h in his Lamborghini Huracan on a stretch of highway where the top speed is 130km/h between Germany and Norway.

Unfortunately for him, under Danish law police are allowed to seize the vehicles of reckless drivers and auction them off, with the money going into Danish coffers.

The car cost $400,000. He had only just bought it hours earlier.

A Queensland man, who also owned a Lamborghini, learned the hard way about speeding too with police also seizing his supercar to auction off after he compiled more than 20 traffic-related offences.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Ray Rohweder said on two occasions the Lamborghini owner, a 28-year-old Sunshine Coast man, accelerated from police at 200km/h.

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