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Passenger's airport manoeuvre sparks fierce divide: 'New low'

A sneaky traveller has caused quite the divide after sharing his airport manoeuvre which helped him breeze through hectic crowds and long lines last week.

Afraid he and his friend would miss their flight out of Turkey, UK-based TikTok user Wolf Jenkins pretended to be injured which helped him score a wheelchair and be pushed through to the front.

"Faked hurting my leg to get through security faster and onto the plane," he openly admitted on TikTok in a video that's now garnered over one million views.

A man in a wheelchair at the airport (left) man wearing hat holding champagne glass (right)
The plane passenger pretended to be injured to skip the long airport queues. Source: TikTok/Instagram

'Amazing what taking one sock off can achieve'

The holidaymaker, from Bristol, England, concocted the plan upon seeing the queue which was "over an hour long," he claimed.

He got the idea after seeing other people in wheelchairs being escorted by airport staff.

He whipped off his sock and shoe on one foot and then "limped back toward the door" where he was met by an aiding staff member.

"I said I had twisted my ankle at the hotel just before getting into my taxi," he said, according to Dateline.

A video on TikTok shows just how far his plan got him – all the way to the aircraft and benefiting from a whole row to himself.

"Amazing what taking one sock off can achieve," he wrote on the footage which shows him getting escorted through the airport with his friend tagging behind.

He appears to bypass multiple security checkpoints and other waiting plane passengers before finding himself boarding the plane ahead of anyone else.

"Excuse me, so much pain here," the on-screen caption read as he zoomed past them all.

He filmed himself bypassing security checkpoints and getting wheeled to the plane by airport staff. Source: TikTok
He filmed himself bypassing security checkpoints and getting wheeled to the plane by airport staff. Source: TikTok

The schemer was reportedly set to sit separate from his friends, but upon noticing his "predicament," staffers gave them a "whole row of six seats to sit with each other," he claimed.

The passenger kept up the act the entire way back to England it seems, and once out of view, he popped back on his shoe and sock and walked away injury-free.

'Brilliant' plan divides social media: 'New low'

The man's travel "hack" rubbed some the wrong way and he was subject to criticism in the comments.

"Wow, new low," one person said.

"Be careful because what goes around comes back around," said another who added, "coming from a wheelchair user."

But others loved the "brilliant" trick and vowed to try it themselves.

"Work smart, not hard," one said.

"We have to do this next time," another said tagging a friend.

Few mentioned the current airport delays around the world and praised the "brilliant" trick.

"With the queues in the airport recently people will start faking injuries to get through the queues faster," one said.

Man in wheelchair then walks away
He faked his injury all the way back to England from Turkey then walked away injury-free. Source: TikTok

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