Plane passenger called out for 'criminal' mid-flight act

A plane passenger's on-board act has sparked a heated debate about plane etiquette after a woman was seen climbing over people to get back to her window seat.

In a video shared on Twitter, the unidentified woman was seen returning to her row before mounting the armrest of the aisle seat and stepping over at least three passengers to get her seat.

"The most criminal activity I’ve ever seen on an airplane," the poster tweeted alongside a video showing the woman's move.

woman wearing pink pants climbs over plane passengers
The plane passenger was seen stepping over people in their seats to get to her own. Source: Twitter

After stepping up onto another man's armrest, she then steps over onto the next, crossing multiple passengers on the way — one of which appears to be a young child.

She's also holding onto the backs of the seats she's climbing on which means she's closer than usual to the seated passengers, who all appear to be awake and watching her.

Since airline seats are pretty tight, it's common for passengers to stand up and move out into the aisle to let others squeeze into their seats, but that didn't happen in this instance.

The man who shared the clip online, named Brandon, claimed she "was hopping over other passengers the whole 7 hour flight," implying he'd been there and watched it all unfold.

Heated debate ensues

The video immediately sparked a heated discussion, with dozens sharing their thoughts.

While some agreed it was wrong, others failed to see the issue and even praised the woman.

"Where were the flight attendants to stop that? Ridiculous," one fumed.

"Wait. She couldn’t walk around? Where are the flight attendants? No one told her NO!? Oh HELL NO," another responded.

Some pointed out the hygiene issue associated with her presumably wearing socks to the bathroom, without shoes, then climbing on the seats.

"She goes to the lav in socks, picks up some urine and fecal bits on them, sprinkle some more gross things from the galley and aisle, then put those disgusting things on my armrest?" one said.

Woman's act dubbed 'considerate'

But some said it was rather "considerate" of the woman to step over passengers, rather than making them stand up to let her in.

Dozens even admitted to doing the same thing themselves, with one saying: "I see no problem with this at all."

"Um, she did that so they wouldn't have to get up - seems awfully considerate," one shot back at the poster.

"How else was she supposed to get to her seat? The airlines need to make getting seated more accommodating," another said.

One person said they'd "actually prefer it" if they were a passenger and argued that allowing someone to step over them means not getting out of your chair.

plane flying in sky with clouds
The video sparked a heated discussion about airline etiquette. Source: Getty

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