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Woman films stranger's 'weird' act on flight

A man’s weird behaviour on a flight has been captured on camera by his startled victim.

Alina Bedrossian, from Atlanta in the US state of Georgia, noticed the passenger’s bizarre actions on a Delta flight and decided to record from her own phone.

In the video, the man can be seen leaning forward in his seat and tilting his phone towards the woman’s feet before sneakily taking a photo.

A man takes a photo of a woman's feet on a flight.
The man took a photo of Ms Bedrossian's feet while on the flight before editing the photo next to her. Source: TikTok/alibedrossian

Ms Bedrossian shared the moment to her TikTok page where it quickly went viral with more than five million views.

“Cuz wtf am I supposed to say,” she captioned the clip.

She confirmed she was wearing shoes – her gold sandals can be seen in the video – and said she didn’t know the man next to her.

In a second TikTok video, things take an even stranger turn when the man can be seen editing the photo of Ms Bedrossian’s feet in plain sight.

Viewers were shocked by the man’s bold move.

“That’s actually crazy,” one person wrote.

“That’s f***ing weird,” another said.

Others asked why Ms Bedrossian didn’t confront him, while some gave suggestions on what she should’ve said.

“I would’ve been like ‘and that will be $50’,” one woman suggested.

“I would have asked if he needed a better angle,” another joked.

“I’d call over an attendant and loudly be like ‘Hey this guy keeps taking pics of my feet, can I have a different seat please?" one person said.

Alina Bedrossian poses against a colourful wall.
Alina Bedrossian said she found the incident "funny". Source: TikTok

In a follow-up video showing a puppy – and her feet – Ms Bedrossian didn’t appear too bothered by the events on the flight.

“Eh the rest of the trip was nice fun,” she wrote, while in a comment she wrote that she found the video "funny".

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