'Disgusting': Man explains why he sent penis photos to fellow plane passengers

A plane passenger was called out on board a flight after allegedly trying to AirDrop pictures of his manhood to unsuspecting passengers around him.

But when confronted by the flight attendant made aware of his lewd act, the man's response left everyone baffled, unable to believe his reasoning.

The alleged incident occurred on a flight to Denver, in the US state of Colorado, recently, according to a woman named Mackenzie who filmed the questionable encounter and shared it on TikTok.

TikTok video showing man on plane in blue shirt
The man admitted to sending inappropriate photos via AirDrop while on board a flight. Source: TikTok

In one video —which has since amassed over five million views — the flight attendant can be seen questioning the man named Larry, prompting a wild admission.

"Why are you doing that?" she asked him, to which he replied: "I don't know. Just having a little fun."

He then apologised for his behaviour.

Sat across from Larry on the other side of the aisle, Mackenzie can be heard shouting at him.

"It's sexual harassment. It's disgusting" she told him, to which the flight attendant agreed.

The female hostess informs the man that his alleged actions were inappropriate and pointed out that children aboard the plane could have been exposed to the imagery.

According to Mackenzie, there were two kids sitting behind Larry who could have easily seen the explicit pictures he had open on his iPad, not to mention what could have happened if they'd accepted the request.

Man 'arrested' and held at airport

Explaining how it all unfolded, Mackenzie said she was curious after receiving an AirDrop request on board.

"Thankfully I accepted it, saw who was sending it, and immediately started speaking up. Stay tuned for the police escort," she wrote on TikTok.

In a follow-up video, Mackenzie claims Larry was arrested after the plane had landed.

"A few of us had to meet with an FBI agent who told us [the male passenger] was arrested and will be spending the weekend in whatever airport jail looks like," she claims in the on-screen text on TikTok.

Social media reacts to inappropriate act: 'No shame'

Posting in the comments, dozens of TikTok users were shocked by Larry's lewd act and were equally baffled by his bizarre remarks.

Few said the man had "no shame," while others praised Mackenzie for speaking up.

"Did he say 'just having a little fun'?! when the flight attendant asked why?!!?" one questioned.

"If he had [done] it by accident and was apologetic, it'd be one thing, but he clearly doesn't think he even did something wrong," another commenter noted.

Plane passenger in window seat holding phone
Children were close by and may have received the request to accept the photos.Source: Getty Images.

Many said this is "exactly why" they switched off AirDrop requests on their kids' phones and iPads.

Another man commented on the video to say he was on the flight as well, but he "missed everything" because he was sleeping.

"I was on that flight about 6 rows behind Larry. I woke up and my seat neighbours filled me in," he said.

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