Outrage over vegan’s 'pure evil' TikTok about organ donation

A vegan activist has sparked fury after posting a TikTok claiming she would no longer be donating her organs over fears they would be given to meat-eating “murderers”.

The TikTok influencer, thatveganteacher also known as Miss Kadie, posted a video to her 950,000 followers last week explaining why she would not selflessly donate her organs when she died, claiming society was “despicable”.

“Before becoming a teacher, a school teacher, I worked as a nurse for 25 years and I always talked about the importance of signing our organ donor cards,” she said.

“But this year, for the first time in my life, I have decided not to sign it. And here’s why.

“I realise how despicable society is, how many evil people are out there – especially since coming to TikTok even more so.

“And I’ve decided that there’s no way on earth that I want any of you to ever get my organs if I die.”

Pictured is vegan activist Miss Kadie appearing in a TikTok video while standing in front of a tree.
Miss Kadie said she would not donate her organs to a 'despicable society'. Source: TikTok

She went on the say the only people she would ever want to donate her organs to were vegan animal rights activists because she knew those people would not “keep murdering animals” to put into their body.

“The rest of you will just continue to live and keep murdering animals. So I just wanted to let you know that it’s really disappointing but it’s come to this,” she said.

Miss Kadie, who was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “vegan because I give a s***”, says on her TikTok profile she is using the social media platform to help animals who are oppressed.

After posting the TikTok about organ donation, the teacher copped comments condemning her for the “evil” video.

“Now that is just pure evil,” one said.

“So now the animals are more important than the people waiting for organs? No one will take you seriously if you think that,” another claimed.

Others challenged her point of view, with one saying: “What if a kid that wasn’t vegan and is going to die if you don’t give it to them, would you let that happen teacher?”

Another said she would prefer to let people suffer rather than save them just because of their diet.

“You disgust me,” somebody added.

People claimed the teacher was trying to force her lifestyle on other people.

Miss Kadie however had some supporters, with one saying they understood where she was coming from while another claimed the teacher prompted them to consider giving up meat.

The teacher has sparked fury with a number of her videos in the past, and even claimed she has fed her dog a vegan diet since August 2017, with many calling her an animal abuser.

The teacher also claimed in August she had received death threats over videos aiming to convince people to become vegan.

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