Man's 'secret' note in Uber Eats order to please vegan girlfriend

A chef has shared a note from a man ordering Uber Eats with a bizarre request to appease his girlfriend.

The chef, believed to be based in Australia, shared a screenshot of the man’s request on Reddit.

“Possibly the best Uber request I've seen,” he captioned the pic.

The man, Aiden, ordered a vegan burger.

A message from a customer for a vegan burger is seen on a computer screen.
Aiden ordered a vegan burger but secretly tried to get some cheese added. Source: Reddit/ Aeriley

"I know this is a little weird for a vegan burger but I'm not actually vegan, my mrs just won't let me get the beef burger because I like to slaughter them often and she reckons Imma get heart disease if I keep going,” Aiden wrote.

"But can you pretty please sneak a little cheese on that bad boy so I can live a little. Hope you have an awesome night.”

The post had people on Reddit in stitches.

One user wrote they were “crying laughing”.

“This kid is going places,” another wrote.

Others were shocked by the “insane” cost of the meal at $25.90.

“That vegan burger better come with a couple grams of white truffle,” one user wrote.

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