Mum slams 'disgusting' dog act at beach

Aussies were divided over the video, with some thinking it was harmless while others said it was off-putting.

Bubblers can offer a much needed reprieve from the blistering heat on beach days, but while most of us flock towards them in public spaces one woman has warned others to think twice about using them.

While sitting in her car at Altona Beach near Melbourne a mum watched a couple allow their two dogs to drink from the fountain, with one large dog licking the faucet repetitively while its owner held down the button for the water flow.

"I don’t drink from public bubblers for many reasons... I just happen to get video proof of one," she told Yahoo News. "I will always remember to leave the house with a full bottle of water from now on."

The large dog appeared to lick the faucet repetitively while drinking at Altona Beach (left). The couple allowed the dogs to drink from the bubbler (right).
The woman was shocked to see the couple allow their dog to drink from the bubbler at Altona Beach near Melbourne. Source: TikTok

The bubbler in question looked like a standard model which has a slanted section to allow the water to flow down into a lower section for dogs to drink from. However, the dog owners instead allowed their large dog to drink from the top fountain where people have a quick drink from.

Aussies divided over dog drinking from bubbler

After sharing a video of it online Aussies were divided over the woman's reaction, with some completely onboard with her disapproval while others felt it wasn't a "big deal".

"Doesn't everyone just catch the water in their mouth from a good few inches away?" one questioned, with others agreeing they don't touch the faucet itself while drinking.

Yet others admitted they were "traumatised" at the prospect of using a bubbler after a dog had licked it, pointing to the fact that most are designed to have a seperate drinking bowl for animals.

"That's why I spray sanitiser first, wipe it off and sanitise again then let it run for 10 seconds," one man wrote, calling the couple's actions "disgusting".

Several years ago residents in eastern Sydney were shocked to spot a man use a public bubbler for his dog, but this time it involved using the water for washing purposes. He allegedly lifted the dog's tail and rubbed off poo, allowing it to be washed away by the drinking water.

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