Residents furious after man washes dog in bubbler at popular park

A man who was filmed appearing to clean his dog in a bubbler at a public park in Sydney’s east has sparked outrage.

Video uploaded to Facebook by a mum on Saturday shows the man holding the little dog in a drinking fountain at Rushcutters Bay Park.

He picks at the small white dog in an attempt to clean it before placing it on the ground.

The woman, who filmed him and wished to remain anonymous, told Yahoo News Australia she, along with more than six other people, asked him to stop.

A man picks away at his dog at a bubbler in Rushcutters Bay Park on Saturday. A woman filming him says he was cleaning poo off his pooch.
A man picks his dog's fur in a fountain at Rushcutters Bay Park. A woman claims he was cleaning poo off the dog. Source: Supplied

“He was lifting its tail and rubbing dog poo off with his hand,” she said.

“It lasted for about two to three minutes.”

The mum added the act left her “disgusted”.

“My two-year-old loves that bubbler,” she said.

“I can’t fathom letting her near it now.”

Others were also repulsed by the dog’s impromptu bubbler bath.

“I will never drink from a bubbler again,” one woman wrote.

Others called it “infuriating” and “beyond revolting”.

One man jokingly suggested the dog owner might work for a “bottled water company”.

“It’s completely disrespectful,” another man wrote.

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