Mum of boy with autism thanks classmates for their kind prom gesture

A mum has praised a group of girls for taking her son with autism to prom with them.

Brodie Smith, from West Midlands in England, was heading to the school dance by himself on Wednesday when a car with his classmates pulled up, the BBC reported.

In the car were five girls – two of them Brodie’s classmates. They recognised the 16-year-old and made sure he did not walk into the prom alone.

A group of girls have been praised for inviting Brodie Smith, who was born with autism, to prom with them. Source: Supplied/Nicky Byrne

One of the girls told the Mail Online she said to the group, “Let’s get him in”, and she began shouting from the car for Brodie to hop in the front seat.

“He was a bit overwhelmed to be honest,” she said.

Brodie said he found it “pretty funny”.

“It was a nice thing to do,” he said.

Pictures on Facebook show Brodie suited up with the five girls on a red carpet, arriving for the dance.

The student was diagnosed with autism when he was eight.

His mum, Dianne, said she was proud of him for completing his end of year exams.

The mum of Lottie Byrne (far left) said she received a letter from the school praising the girls. Source: Supplied/Nicky Byrne

She cried when he headed off for prom because “he looked so lovely” but felt bad when she saw pictures of his classmates with their friends.

Ms Smith only found out a few days after prom that her boy did not end up going alone.

The mum told the Mail Online she was in tears when she discovered what the girls had done for him.

“Brodie will never forget that moment,” she said.

“It was just such a lovely thing to do.”

Ms Smith said it had “really boosted his confidence”.

The mum of Lottie Byrne, one of the girls pictured with Brodie, said she was proud of her daughter and her friends.

Ms Byrne said she received an email from the school praising the girls and it said the actions proved “what a genuinely kind and mature group of individuals they are”.