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Motorists narrowly escape injury as truck jackknifes on Sydney’s M5

Dashcam footage has captured the heart-stopping moment a large truck spins out of control on a major Sydney motorway.

In the video from last Wednesday, the truck can be seen edging closer to the car in front of it on the M5 before it almost collides with its rear.

With seconds to spare, the truck driver suddenly swerves to the right, spinning into the other lane.

A truck is seen in the rear-view dashcam video on the M5 (left), before it jackknifes across two lanes (right).
A truck narrowly missed colliding with a vehicle on Sydney's M5, before it jackknifed across two lanes. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

Inside the car, the occupants can be heard crying out in alarm, “sh*t that truck nearly hit us!”

As smoke begins to plume, the truck jackknifes, completing a full rotation at speed as it bumps up into the grassy bank by the side of the road.

With its trailer being yanked from behind, the truck comes to rest facing oncoming traffic.

In the distance, vehicles can be seen slowing down to avoid the carnage.

“I can’t believe that he missed everything on the road,” the dashcam owner later said.

“No one was injured. He then drove away 15 minutes later. Sorry for the language but it frightened me.”

The video, which has since been viewed 333,000 times, has seen commentators praise the truck driver’s actions.

“Hats off to the truck driver for not hurting another soul in the process,” one person wrote.

“Whether skill or luck — who cares — just thankful he missed or it would have been fatal,” another added.

While many have criticised the car driver’s behaviour, questioning why they slowed down.

“It’s clear the car started braking significantly going by the truck on the right,” someone said, “why did you brake so quickly?”

“The driver of the car was on the brakes so hard — there was no way you’d get that rig pulled up that quickly,” another said.

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