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Bizarre dashcam video leaves Aussies perplexed

An unusual sequence of events captured on a Northern Territory road shrouded in darkness have left people viewing dashcam footage of it all scratching their heads.

It all starts as the driver of a car, who provides narration throughout the bizarre ordeal, pulls up to a give way sign at a road pulling out onto Vanderlin Drive in Casuarina.

In a video shared by Dash Cam Owners Australia, a ute pulls up adjacent to him stopping in the middle of the road.

Two men step out of the ute and the passenger-side door appears as though it’s about to fall off.

Two men quarrel near a ute in Casuarina, Northern Territory.
Two men step out of a car and have a dispute. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

The pair walk onto a traffic island in the middle of the road and prepare to fight.

“F***, I’ve got some random s*** going on in front of me here,” the driver says, watching as the men exchange words and point.

The driver says the pair are “about to kill each other”. They continue to exchange verbal barbs.

That is until one of them raises his arms in the air and they begin to cuddle.

A third man steps out of the ute.

“They don’t know whether to hug each other or kill each other,” the driver says.

The three go back to the car as a police car pulls up.

But the car then speeds off leaving two of the men behind.

The video cuts to sometime later where the car is seen smashed on the side of the road.

A police officer is heard saying the man in his 30s suffered injuries which were “not too serious”.

Nonetheless, he was still hospitalised.

Two men hug on a road next to a ute in Casuarina, NT.
The two men hug. It brings a tear to the old eye. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

Is this the 'best dashcam video of all time'?

On Facebook, people were flummoxed as to what happened.

“I thought there was a spider in the car,” one woman wrote.

One man summed up what many were feeling when he wrote: “What did I actually just watch?”

Others called it “amazing” and the “best dashcam video of all time”.

“Still a better love story than Twilight,” another man wrote.

NT Police have been contacted for comment.

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