Motorcyclist hits 267km/h before slamming into truck

WARNING - DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: A motorcyclist in South Australia has filmed the horrifying crash that left him with permanent brain injuries.

In the video, the motorbike rider is driving along a road at night, weaving in and out of traffic. At one point, his speedometer shows speeds of more than 260km/h.

The back of a truck suddenly comes into view on the camera, and with little time to respond while riding at 140km/h, the rider slams into the vehicle, sending the camera spinning out of control.

In the video, the police said the truck was stationary at the time of the crash.

"He only survived due to people at the scene who saved his life, the people he put at risk with his dangerous riding," SA Police said.

"These strangers called an ambulance and received instructions over the phone on how to resuscitate him."

A motorcyclist was speeding more than 265km/h before he crashed into a truck at 140km/h. Source: South Australia Police
A motorcyclist was speeding more than 265km/h before he crashed into a truck at 140km/h. Source: South Australia Police

Even though the man survived the crash, he was in a coma for two months and he has a permanent brain injury.

Police said he is now unable to speak clearly, he has two full-time carers and his family will need to assist him for the rest of his life.

"His decision to ride at extreme speed did not just impact him," police said.

"It impacted the lives of those strangers who kept him alive on the road and forever changed the lives of his family."

The man's wife gave permission to the police to use the video, because she wants people to understand what can happen if they drive or ride at extreme speed.

The footage was released by South Australia Police to coincide with a law being introduced to parliament which would increase the maximum penalty for drivers or motorbike riders caught travelling at extreme speeds.

The new laws would see 'hoon' drivers hit with harsher penalties for travelling at dangerous speeds.

"The new laws would mean that motorists convicted of driving at an extreme speed could be jailed for up to three years and face a mandatory minimum two-year licence disqualification for a first offence," police said.

"The licence disqualification period would be increased to five years for a subsequent offence."

Offenders could also be stripped of their licence on the spot by police.

"Extreme speed is defined as driving or riding at 55km/h or more above the limit in a zone marked 60 or less, or 80km/h or more above the speed limit in a zone marked above 60," police said.

The maximum penalty could be increased to up to five years imprisonment with a mandatory minimum licence disqualification for five years under certain circumstances.

Those circumstances include;

  • Where the offence was committed while attempting to escape a police pursuit

  • Where the offending caused death or serious harm

  • Where the vehicle driven was stolen

  • Where the offender was driving while disqualified

  • Where the offender was on a provisional or probationary licence, a learner’s permit, or unlicensed

  • Where the offender was under the influence of drugs or alcohol

In addition, where the car involved is registered to the offender, the car may also be forfeited to the State, police added.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens consulted when the bill was being drafted and new legislation could help protect all road users, Minister for Road Safety Vincent Tarzia said.

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