The detail confusing people in this roundabout quiz

A few people have been caught out after being posed a question about giving way on a roundabout.

NSW Road Safety posed a question to people about roundabouts on Facebook on Monday and pictured two cars.

Car A is entering the roundabout from the right while Car B is to the left and has already begun moving through.

“Car A wants to travel straight ahead at the roundabout,” the department wrote.

“Car B has already entered the roundabout. Should Car A give way to Car B?”

Who gives way here? Car A or Car B? Source: NSW Road Safety
Who gives way here? Car A or Car B? Source: NSW Road Safety

A number of people answered B should give way to Car A.

“Car B must give way to the right,” one woman wrote.

However, this answer is wrong. Since Car B is technically already in the roundabout Car A has to give way to it.

When it comes to roundabouts, regardless of whether a vehicle is on the left or the right, any vehicle entering the roundabout has to give way to a vehicle already in the roundabout.

Why people get the roundabout rule wrong

Most people got the answer correct but vented frustration the rule is rarely followed properly.

“That works in theory but you would not believe how many drivers believe they have the right of way because they are on the right,” one man wrote.

“The problem is that the cars on the right do not approach with caution, they actually speed up because they believe they have the right of way.”

Another man suggested the road rule is a reason why many people should purchase dashcams.

“I'm surprised how many correct answers there are,” another man wrote.

“In real life, it seems no one knows how to use a roundabout.”

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