Road rules quiz causes confusion – but can you solve it?

A road rules question about giving way has led to some confusion but can you figure out the answer?

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads posed a question to people on Facebook picturing four cars at an intersection with the traffic lights not working.

“The white car is going straight ahead,” the department wrote.

A graphic of four cars pictured at an intersection with the traffic lights out.
Do you know who goes first here? Source: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

To the right of the white car is a yellow one also travelling straight ahead and to the left is a red car wanting to turn right.

A blue car is coming from the opposite direction as the white car but wants to turn left meaning it won’t impede the white car's movement through the intersection.

Readers were given four options when asked who the white car gives way to: A. all other cars, B. the yellow car only, C. No one, the other cars must give way to them, and D. the red car only.

One man answered C while one woman wrote the question “confused” her before she gave the correct answer.

In this case, the right answer is B. The white car only needs to give way to the yellow car.

Since the traffic lights are out, the cars have to give way to the right.

More give-way questions, more confusion

Give-way questions often lead to confusion for people as it remains a confusing road rule for many.

Most people struggled to understand a give-way rule which involved a car at a stop sign joining a road with a car across from it attempting a u-turn.

Readers were asked who gives way in this situation but most of them got it wrong.

Another question the RACQ posed which featured two cars stopped at give way signs, also had people scratching their heads.

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