The road rule quiz question most people are getting wrong

A question about giving way on the road has caused confusion among drivers with many unable to answer it correctly.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads posted an image to Facebook on Monday with two cars pictured.

A red car wants to do a U-turn from a lane turning right while a blue car sits at a stop sign. Both want to take the same road.

A red car doing a U-turn is pictured across from a blue car at a stop sign.
Who goes first in this scenario? Source: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

“Who must give way? The red car doing the U-turn or the blue car stopped at the stop line turning left?” the department wrote.

One man wrote the blue car has to give way and it’s a “no brainer”.

“Blue car as he is turning into one oncoming traffic and you have a stop sign,” one woman wrote.

Another man added if there were three cars using the road, including one travelling in an opposite direction to the red car, the blue car would still go last.

However, all the responses nominating the blue car were wrong. It’s actually the red car which has to give way to the blue car.

According to Queensland’s road rules, anyone performing a U-turn must give way to all pedestrians and vehicles “even if they're facing a give way or stop sign”.

One man added the U-turning vehicle is normally the last to go anyway “as they are performing the more difficult turn”.

“In this scenario red gives way, the stop sign is in there to make you second guess your answer,” he wrote.

Another man bemoaned that people don’t often follow the rule correctly.

“(It) very rarely happens and often causes dangerous situations near where I live,” he wrote.

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