Road rules question about giving way sparks heated discussion

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A question about giving way has sparked a heated discussion on Facebook.

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads posed a question to people on Facebook.

It pictured a crossing with a pedestrian and a fire truck with flashing lights.

“Who gives way? The pedestrian crossing the road—or the fire truck sounding an alarm and showing flashing lights?” the department wrote.

A man approaches a give way crossing as a fire truck with sirens approaches.
Do you know who gives way in this scenario? Source: Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland

The answer is the pedestrian has to give way to an emergency vehicle if it has flashing lights or sounding a siren.

This is because by using the lights and sirens, it’s signalling it’s heading towards an emergency and can’t afford to be delayed.

But people on Facebook claimed many pedestrians fail to use “common sense” in this exact scenario.

“Are people that dumb that they wouldn't stop to let an emergency vehicle through?” one woman wrote.

One man wrote, pedestrians need to use “common sense”.

People online slam pedestrians in headphones

Others pointed out that many pedestrians are distracted at intersections.

“It depends if the pedestrian is wearing the fully sic Beats headphones, and can't hear anything, cos then everyone must give way to them,” one person said.

“The pedestrian should, but they probably have headphones on, and eyes on their phone, so won’t even notice the fire truck, as it comes to a screeching halt, just before collecting said pedestrian,” another said.

Another man had a different interpretation of the picture though, jokingly suggesting the fire truck should give way.

“Looks like he is wearing blue tights and a red cape,” he wrote.

“He is more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The fire truck should not be an issue.”

However, the department added even Superman “knows when he needs to give way”.

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