'This is frustrating': Drivers divided by 'confusing' give-way road rule

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A simple question about who has right of way has divided drivers, while others suggested the quiz showed just how many people don’t know the road rules.

The scenario was shared by the RACQ on Tuesday, and asked people on Facebook to decide out of the four multiple choice answers the order in which the cars get to go.

The green car would be staying on the main road and continuing around the bend, while the blue car is at a ‘Give Way’ sign wanting to go straight. The red car is also at a Give Way sign and hoping to turn right.

Pictured is the three cars- green, blue and red at the intersection with the two give. way signs
A question on which order the cars should go on confused people on Facebook. Source: RACQ

“It’s a confusing one,” one person said in the comments.

Judging by the comments, before RACQ posted the correct answer, most people were leaning towards D (Green, Red, Blue), though some believed the correct order was A (Green, Blue, Red).

“I say A, but am probably not correct. Help?” one person said in the comments.

“A. Green is obvious, blue has next because its continuation is straight and then red as he would be impeding the other cars thoroughfare,” someone said confidently.

However, the majority was right, the correct order is ‘D’ - Green, Red, Blue.

“Green first as they are staying on the main road around the bend. Red is next as both red and blue are facing give way signs, so blue must give way to a vehicle on the right,” RACQ said.

While majority of the people in the some 500 comments assumed the correct answer was ‘D’, some people said the confusion explained why there are “so many” accidents on the road.

Picture of a Give Way sign
The Facebook post caused confusion among drivers, many forgetting the 'give way' rules. Source: Getty

“The only thought I would take away from this is, it makes perfect sense why there are so many accidents and road rage, rule of the road is, give way to the right in Australia,” one person said, who also correctly said the answer was ‘D’.

“I was surprised how many people didn’t realise to give way to right,” one person remarked.

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