'Death wish': Do you know this dangerous roundabout rule?

A road rule question about trucks has had some people suggesting anyone who didn’t follow it had a death wish – but do you know it?

Transport WA posed the question to people on Facebook on Tuesday alongside a picture of a truck at a two-lane roundabout.

“The driver of this truck is turning right at the roundabout,” it wrote.

“It has a 'DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE' sign on the back. Is the truck allowed to take up two lanes to turn at the roundabout?”

A truck is pictured at a two-lane roundabout.
Is this truck allowed to take up two lanes? Source: Transport WA

Some people said no, believing the truck should only take one lane.

“Look at the size of the semi compared to the roundabout,” one woman wrote.

“I therefore believe it is possible to use the outside lane without crossing into the inside lane. The driver therefore has a responsibility to stay in one lane.”

However, the correct answer is yes. Trucks are able to take up two lanes on a roundabout.

“Long vehicles often need more space to turn safely. They're allowed to use any part of the two marked lanes to turn left or right at corners, intersections and roundabouts,” Transport WA said.

One man wrote anyone looking to overtake a truck has a “death wish”.

“Only idiots overtake trucks,” another man wrote.

Failing to overtake at a safe distance in WA attracts a $400 fine and four demerit points.

In February, a hatchback in Sydney’s south was involved in a prang with a truck as both were turning a corner.

However, in this case people were unsure whether the car or the truck was at fault.

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