Video of truck swiping car sparks furious debate – but who is in the wrong?

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

Footage of a truck collecting a small car as it made its way around a left turn has sparked debate over which of the two drivers should have given way.

The large vehicle was travelling down the middle lane of George Street in Sydney’s inner western suburb of Redfern on Saturday before it indicated and turned left at a set of traffic lights, according to 2GB.

After pulling away from a “no stopping zone”, the small car remains in the left lane and attempts a turn, but is struck by the truck and pushed sideways towards the kerb.

Opinions on who was in the wrong were mixed after video of the incident was shared online.

The truck is shown collecting the small car on its way around the corner. Source: Nine News

While most people pointed the finger at the driver of the small car for not paying close enough attention to the truck’s movements, some argued the truck driver could have taken precautions to avoid the collision.

“The car is technically (at) fault, but looking at the wet conditions, the truck should have approached the braking/turn zone a bit slower which may have avoided the crash,” one person suggested.

“The truck might have right of way but common sense tells us that because it is an exception (and the car clearly wasn't aware he was coming) he should be required to do so with care...He comes upon the car at the last moment,” another said.

“So the driver is supposed to have eyes in the back of his head and a sixth sense he'll be turning left, from the right lane? No way is that the correct ruling. We'd all be dead if that was the safest solution.”

A third said: “The truck turning left from the outside right lane, should have positioned himself in the middle of both lanes to ensure nothing on the inside.”

Many disagreed however and thought the blame should be laid solely on the driver of the small car.

“Looked like the car parked illegally, the truck had no choice but to turn wide, the driver of car did not look at their surroundings and then drove off with undue care,” someone wrote.

“Obviously the car driver didn’t use his mirrors. At the turn point the truck was ahead of the car and had right of way,” another said.

The vehicles were travelling next to each other before colliding on the turn. Source: Nine News

Road safety rules laid out by the NSW Roads and Maritime Service states drivers must always give way to trucks displaying a “do not overtake turning vehicle” sign, even when in the left lane.

“You need to be careful of all large, heavy vehicles that are turning. If you put your vehicle in the path of a turning vehicle you may be crushed,” the service’s website says.

NSW Police Chief Inspector Phil Brooks confirmed on 2GB that it was the small car driver’s responsibility to give way to the truck.

“The fact that they’re in the corner to begin with is probably the biggest issue,” he told host Ben Fordham.

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