Road rules quiz about bike lanes infuriates people online

A road rule question about cyclists has triggered a plethora of furious responses about their role on the road.

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads posed the question to people on Facebook on Monday with a graphic showing a cycling lane.

The cycling lane is left of two lanes for motor vehicles but ends in front of their line at a set of traffic lights.

“The driver of the green car is approaching a red light. Where does the driver need to stop?” the department wrote.

“A. The first stop line before the bicycle storage area. B. The second stop line nearest to the intersection.”

The answer is A. drivers must not stop inside the box.

A graphic shows two cars next to a cycling lane.
This picture sparked complaints about cyclists from some road users. Source: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

People use thread to complain about cyclists

However, people on Facebook hijacked the thread to complain about cyclists, saying "they think they own the road”.

“Pay a rego on your bicycle, or get off the road,” one man wrote.

Another man wanted cyclists fined for not using the lane.

“Car drivers have rights too and they include not having our progress impeded by a pack of cyclists,” he wrote.

Another man called the example “Good way to burn excess fuel, pollute the world and create road rage”.

Others called the design of the road “ridiculous”.

Department encourages cycling

Such was the vitriol targeted at cyclists, the department had to intervene.

“We want to encourage bike riding. It's a really healthy way to get around and it directly reduces congestion and pollution on our roads,” the department wrote.

“Everyone (including bike riders) contributes to the cost of roads with their rates and general taxes. The costs to develop and administer a registration scheme (and the costs to members of the public to register their bikes) outweigh the benefits we’d see from it.

“Which is why there isn’t a jurisdiction in Australia that does it.”

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