McLaren supercar driver's parking move annoys locals: 'They don't care'

The McLaren was admired but not it's 'knob' driver after this parking choice in Adelaide.

The driver of a luxury car worth more than $600,000 has lost all "admiration" from car lovers with their disregard for parking rules.

The bright green McLaren was spotted by an Adelaide local in a space where there is no stopping between 4pm and 6pm from Monday to Friday, and no parking during all other times.

Believed to be a McLaren 765LT, a photo of the car was shared online. Some thought it was the "best car [they've] ever seen", but the audacious parking did not sit well with the passerby who took the photo, or with others who admired the car but not the driver due to their parking choice.

A photo of a green McLaren 765LT in Adelaide.
A McLaren driver was criticised for their parking in a no stopping and no parking space in Adelaide. Source: Reddit

Many thought it was a simple case of the driver believing they're above the law, while also risking their expensive car being towed. "Guys who can afford a McLaren don't care about a $60 parking fine," one person claimed on Reddit. Fines for being in a "no parking" space in Adelaide start at $93.

"Unfortunately, the knob parking takes away from any admiration I have for the car," another said.

A no parking sign means a driver is allowed to stop there for less than two minutes if they are dropping off or picking up passengers, loading or unloading and staying within three metres of the vehicle. While a no stopping sign does not allow the driver to stop in the space under any circumstances.

'The audacity': $300K McLaren driver's 'unbelievable' parking job

Previously another supercar driver in Melbourne faced a wave of criticism after images of their vehicle parked in not one but two disabled parking bays were shared online.

"Parking in a disability spot when not disabled but also having the audacity to park in two disability spots and blocking in another car... just to save their precious McLaren," one woman wrote on the Facebook group Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame.

One theory often raised as a possible explanation for using two spaces is the car owner is attempting to avoid scratching their vehicle.

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