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Photo of luxury $1 million McLaren 'moments before disaster'

A man is devastated after his luxury $1 million McLaren P1 was washed away as Hurricane Ian continues to wreak havoc in the US state of Florida.

The man, who has proudly shared photos on his Instagram of the expensive yellow car, posted a series of photos showing the vehicle completely submerged by water after the wild weather and floods forced it out of his garage.

In a devastating twist, a day before the car was washed away the McLaren enthusiast posted a photo of the vehicle with its winged doors open and paper bags full of groceries packed into the cargo.

A McLaren P1 on a sunny day.
The man shared an unfortunate photo of his McLaren P1 saying it was his 'hurricane supply car'. Source: Instagram

"My hurricane supply car," he wrote a day before he shared snaps of it underwater.

His followers pointed out the unfortunate twist in events, saying: "This didn't age well."

"Moments before disaster," another commented.

"It's the hurricane's car now," a follower wrote.

"How's that working out?" a third teased.

"Now it's a boat," somebody else joked.

The McLaren owner, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, has been sharing regular updates of his car after flood waters engulfed it.

The McLaren P1 submerged by flood waters.
The McLaren P1 was submerged by flood waters as Hurricane Ian hit Florida. Source: Instagram

Right before it was washed out of the garage, it is seen surrounded by debris in a garage as it floats through the water next to a Rolls-Royce.

In another photo, the McLaren is seen balancing on top of a toilet that was also washed away by the hurricane.

"That's an expensive s**t," one joked.

"Talk about a sh***y situation," another commented.

"All that down the drain," a third teased.

Jokes aside, many claimed insurance would cover the damages and the most important thing was the car owner was safe.

"Hope you're safe, the cars and house can be replaced," one said.

Hurricane Ian could be 'deadliest in state history'

Emergency crews have raced to reach stranded Florida residents as Hurricane Ian trained its sights on the Carolinas after cutting a coast-to-coast path of destruction across Florida, leaving behind deadly floodwaters, downed power lines and widespread damage.

Ian, one of the strongest storms ever to hit the US mainland, flooded Gulf Coast communities and knocked out power to millions before ploughing across the peninsula to the Atlantic Ocean, where it regained strength before another anticipated landfall in South Carolina on Friday.

Debris left behind in Florida from Hurricane Ian.
Hurricane Ian has left a path of destruction in Florida. Source: AAP

Florida's death toll remained uncertain amid scattered reports of casualties.

President Joe Biden, speaking at Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters in Washington, said Ian could prove to be the deadliest in state history.

"The numbers are still unclear, but we're hearing early reports of what may be substantial loss of life," Biden said on Thursday.

In hard-hit Charlotte County, a spokesperson for the sheriff's department confirmed multiple deaths but did not have a firm figure. Authorities in Sarasota County were investigating two possible storm-related deaths, a sheriff's spokesperson said.

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