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Driver’s ‘disgusting’ parking act in $300,000 Aston Martin

The driver of a $300,000 luxury car has managed to divide a community over their parking outside a NSW café on the weekend.

The Aston Martin Vantage was spotted at North Wyong on the NSW Central Coast on Saturday and set tongues wagging after the driver reportedly parked it in a disabled bay without displaying a permit.

According to, the 2019 coupe is retailed at $299,950.

“Disgusting, no permit and can’t park,” a woman wrote on the post along with two photos of the car.

“It has been reported to council.”

A grey $300,000 Aston Martin Vantage is parked in a disabled parking bay in North Wyong, NSW.
The driver of the $300,000 car was accused of parking in the disabled bay without a permit. Source: Facebook

The woman explained in the comments she had her father with her who is in a wheelchair, and they were unable to use the designated bay because of the sports car’s parking.

The post on a local community Facebook page sparked debate with almost 400 comments – many of which agreed with the woman and called the driver “entitled” and a “moron”.

“It’s a wheelchair spot, not a rich prick's parking spot,” one person commented.

“They think driving a car like that they can park anywhere they like,” a woman added.

“He can’t just park there because he feels entitled to. I hope someone walks past [and] scratches it to be honest, particularly because he is on the pedestrian area,” another wrote.

Several people came to the defence of the driver, saying it’s possible they could be disabled and either forgot their permit or it had fallen off the window.

Others, however, appeared more interested in the car.

“Sick car! Any more pics?” one said.

“Nice car,” another added.

“Don’t think the fine will worry him,” one woman joked, while someone said, “James Bond can do what he wants.”

Harsh penalties for parking without a permit

Drivers caught parked in a disabled parking bay without a valid disability parking permit in NSW will face an infringement notice of $581 and one demerit point.

Anyone who challenges the fine in court could face a maximum penalty of $2,200.

Last year People with Disability Australia CEO Sebastian Zagarella told Yahoo News Australia it was important for Australians to respect disabled parking bays and the area around them to ensure they're fully accessible.

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