Aussie mum’s road rage gripe backfires: 'Absolutely disgusting'

The woman says she fears for safety when dropping her 12-year-old son at school on a busy street.

A mum complaining about the road rage she copped for following a "little-known rule" has copped backlash when defending her actions online.

Hoping to spread awareness, the woman urged "people who honk aggressively, yell and abuse [her]" to "please re-read the road rules" when she drops her 12-year-old outside his school in the Sydney suburb of Randwick.

The busy area in front of Marcellin College on Avoca Street has a "no parking" sign, meaning a driver is allowed to stop there for less than two minutes if they are dropping off or picking up passengers, loading or unloading and staying within three metres of the vehicle.

A photo of Alison Road, Randwick, where Marcellin College can be seen.
A Sydney mum was shocked at the road rage she copped when stopping in a 'No Parking' area to drop her son at Marcellin College in Randwick. Source: Google Maps/Facebook

"The level of road rage that myself and my 12yo are subjected to while I am picking up and dropping off at the only possible place at his school, is next level," she said on the local Facebook group last week, adding that "heaps of [other] parents" also drop their children off there.

"This afternoon I genuinely feared for our safety, as the car behind me, and the car behind that, started honking like mad. I am actually beginning to fear being rear-ended on purpose because people absolutely lose their minds when I put my blinker or hazards on and stop there."

Mum's gripe backfires

Her post garnered hundreds of comments, with many saying that while her actions were legal, they weren't "considerate".

"Silly place to stop given how busy the road is. Imagine the chaos and accidents if the whole school had your attitude and did that," one person said.

"You are entitled to be right about the no parking sign, however it is unsafe for you and your child to stop there during peak hour as you create an obstruction and no one can predict what might happen next," another said.

"Sydney traffic is congested, permanent peak hour, everyone needs to be somewhere. Take a minute to make a choice that might work for everyone. Talk to the school about their solutions for safe arrival and departure of children," a third person said.

However the mum said she shouldn't have to change her actions, adding in the comments that her 12-year-old is disabled, which is why she doesn't want him crossing a busy road by himself or catching a bus like suggested.

"Thanks for the absolutely disgusting comments, everybody. I will continue to drop my child at school, but instead of hurrying him out the car door within 10 seconds, I'll be sure to sit there and wait until 1 min 59 secs before driving off, from now on," she remarked.

A few people agreed that there were "some bullies" in the comments, saying the woman does not need to "justify her actions".

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