McDonald's customer served raw chicken inside her burger: 'Tasted funny'

The woman shared pictures of the uncooked chicken and said she will 'never be eating' at McDonald's again.

A customer says she will "never be eating McDonald’s again" after being served raw chicken in her burger.

Driving home from a McDonald's restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, with her sister, Sara Screw could hardly wait to dig into her McSpicy Bacon Deluxe — a new twist in the McSpicy range available in the country.

But when she took a bite, something tasted off. “I took a big bite and it tasted funny, and it was very chewy,” Ms Screw told Stuff. “I opened it up but the patty was covered by sauce so I couldn’t see anything,” she said.

A photo of Sara Screw's McSpicy Bacon Deluxe burger with raw chicken from New Lynn McDonald's in Auckland, New Zealand.
A customer at New Lynn McDonald's in Auckland, New Zealand, was served raw chicken in her McSpicy Bacon Deluxe burger. Source: Stuff via Sara Screw

Having never tried the burger before, she thought the unusual taste could just be the spice and took another bite. That's when the disturbing reality hit - the chicken was "completely raw".

In the photos, either Ms Screw or her sister's hand can be seen ripping open the seemingly cooked patty to reveal uncooked chicken.

To her disbelief, when going back to the McDonald's at New Lynn to complain, the staff said they could not make her a new burger because too much time had passed since she ordered the first one, which made Ms Screw think they missed the point.

“They assumed I wanted another burger, but why would I want that? I’m never eating McDonald’s again," she said to Stuff.

Another photo of the raw chicken from the McDonald's burger.
Sara has taken her complaint to a food safety agency, who is investigating the matter. Source: Stuff via Sara Screw

Customer lodges complaint about raw McDonald’s patty

After taking a few bites of the raw chicken, Ms Screw suffered stomach cramps all night, only getting to sleep at around 5am the next day.

Taking her concern to the Ministry for Primary Industries, the agency is now investigating the matter, with their food safety deputy director-general Vincent Arbuckle stressing the seriousness of the situation.

“The concern with raw or undercooked chicken is that it can be the source of sickness-causing bacteria, such as campylobacter," he told the publication. Salmonella and Clostridium perfringens are other forms of bacteria that can be in raw chicken and lead to food poisoning.

“Businesses providing food services to the public are required to have a registered food control plan to ensure the food they provide is safe and suitable for customers’ consumption.”

Yahoo has reached out to McDonald's New Zealand for comment.

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