McDonald's announces new fan-favourite burger ahead of summer

Macca's fans can soon dig into a spicy new delight with the release of a highly requested McDonald's menu item.

The fast-food giant announced a new take on the Chicken Deluxe burger, which will now come with a fiery Cajun sauce.

Those desperate to try it will have to be quick because it'll be on offer from November 30 for a limited time only. But that's not all coming to stores across the country ahead of the summer months.

New McDonald's menu items.
McDonald's is introducing the Cajun Chicken Deluxe burger and the McFlurry with Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey. Source: Supplied

Handful of new items on McDonald's summer menu

Food blogger and TikTok user Nick Vavitis shared his excitement after learning a Caramilk Hokey Pokey McFlurry is being added to the menu. He raved about the regular Caramilk sweet treat, so he's "frigging excited" to try the latest variation.

The burger chain is also bringing back two "fan favourites" — the El Maco and the Cheesy Jalapeño Pops. The gooey bite-sized pops are "crispy on the outside" with an "oozy" centre and are served with a tangy El Maco sauce.

"Summer is about bringing people together and what better way to do that than by bringing together some of our most iconic menu and flavour combos?" Tim Kenward, McDonald’s Australia’s marketing director, said.

"We invite Aussies to kick off summer with an El Maco, Cajun Chicken Deluxe or the Cheesy Jalapeño Pops, then top it off with the McFlurry with Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey.

"Whatever your summer plans are, we’ve got you covered, because nothing quite goes together like the great Aussie summer and Macca’s."

Macca's fans 'excited' for new menu

Fast-food enthusiasts commented on Mr Vavitis' video, admitting they too were excited to try the brand new menu items.

"I'm excited, The El Maco is back baby," one person exclaimed. "All I need now is for Bubblegum McFlurry and Cheeseburger shaker fries back and it's f**kin' Mac Time baby!"

"I’m more excited about the el maco tbh," one said, shutting down the McFlurry.

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