McDonald's ditches popular soft drink from menu: 'Makes no sense'

McDonald's has ditched one of its soft drink varieties leaving some fast-food fans baffled.

Popular food blogger Russ Eats revealed in a video on TikTok that Sprite is no longer available at the burger chain and the sugar-free Sprite Zero will be offered instead.

In a TikTok video shared on Tuesday, the Newcastle foodie said he was "devastated" to learn of the menu change.

"McDonald's has done the dirty apparently and switched full sugar Sprite for Sprite Zero sugar, it makes no sense to me," he said

McDonald's soft drink, right, and left the Golden Arches.
McDonald's has replaced the popular soft drink Sprite with Sprite Zero, the sugar-free version. Source: Getty

He dashed off to Maccas to find out if the rumours were true. While there, he ordered a medium Sprite at the drive-thru window and at first it goes smoothly.

But on ordering, the foodie noticed the drink goes through as the no sugar version instead.

"Do you have a normal Sprite? That says Sprite Zero on the screen," he questions the worker.

The McDonald’s employee can then be heard explaining regular Sprite is no longer sold at McDonald's.

"We’ve only got Sprite no sugar, sorry," she says.

When asked if the "normal stuff" is expected to return, the employee reveals, "we're not bringing it back."

McDonald's confirms 'permanent change'

McDonald’s Australia confirmed to Yahoo News Australia it has recently moved to Sprite No Sugar across its restaurants nationwide.

"We look forward to hearing customer feedback on the new beverage option," they said in a statement.

McDonald's confirmed it is a permanent change nationwide, but a spokesperson said there are no other plans to switch all soft drinks to sugar-free versions.

Sprite decision divides social media

The news divided Macca's fans who had a lot to say about the sudden menu change. Most thought it was the wrong move by McDonald's.

"McDonald’s Sprite was the best drink," one person proclaimed in the comments.

A still frame of TikTok user Russ Eats slamming McDonald's for ditching Sprite.
TikTok user Russ Eats slams McDonald's for ditching the popular soft drink Sprite. Source: TikTok

One said "Maccas Sprite was heaven" but now "they went and made it hell".

Others supported the move to Sprite Zero Sugar, while some questioned why Macca's "couldn't have both".

"I actually like the zero sugar sprite but why can’t people choose? Have both options so people can make the decision themselves," one said.

One brave soul argued "Sprite no sugar is 100 times better anyway," and a handful of others agreed.

"I’m type 1 diabetic and happy to see more sugar-free softies," one said. "The amount of times I’ve asked for a no sugar one and been given one with sugar in it…"

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