Man's disgusting find halfway through eating McDonald's chicken burger

A Gold Coast man had made a “gross” find inside his McDonald’s burger.

Joseph Kim sent his daughter to pick up burgers for the family from a McDonald’s at Upper Coomera on Saturday afternoon.

Mr Kim wrote on Facebook he “started to dive very quickly” into his Clubhouse Chicken burger because he was hungry.

“I didn't taste anything at first but I felt something soft and tender in my mouth,” he wrote.

“At about half way through the burger, I glanced at the inside of the burger and saw the chicken patty and became in absolute shock [sic].”

“The chicken patty was well and truly undercooked. It looked raw.”

Joseph Kim purchased a number of chicken burgers from McDonald's in Upper Coomera only to find the meat inside was pink. Source: Facebook/ Joseph Kim

He wrote he called his daughter and asked her to check the chicken in her burger concerned about salmonella.

She sent a photo back and he claims the meat in her Classic Chicken looked worse.

“Fortunately my wife hadn't had one bite when I already ate almost half,” Mr Kim wrote.

“I got so upset because not only I couldn't eat a proper burger and/or wasted money but this could have caused critical condition or at worst, death to my whole family.”

Mr Kim claims he went to the McDonald’s the burgers were purchased from to confront management but isn’t pleased with the response he received.

Mr Kim's daughter's Classic Chicken burger with the meat inside also pink. Source: Facebook/ Joseph Kim

“I was told that I had to wait for her (the assistant business manager) to process this online whilst getting a couple of sorries,” he wrote.

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, a McDonald’s spokesperson said the company is “disappointed that this has happened”.

“We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place,” the spokesperson said.

“An investigation is currently underway with the restaurant, and we encourage the customer to contact us to help us to investigate fully.”

Another picture of Mr Kim's burger. Source: Facebook/ Joseph Kim

On Facebook, people were disgusted by photos of Mr Kim’s burgers.

“Unbelievable,” one woman wrote.

Another said: “that’s gross”.

“Bloody lucky you didn’t get salmonella,” another woman wrote.

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