'That's raw chicken': Customer slams McDonald's for uncooked burger

A McDonald’s customer has called out the restaurant juggernaut after he discovered his chicken burger was raw.

Phillip Blake was about to tuck into his McChicken burger when he noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Peeling back the thing layer of batter, the New Zealand man found the chicken patty was completely uncooked.

“What kind of f***ing idiots do you have working at ... McDonald's?,” he wrote alongside a photo of his undercooked burger in a Facebook post to McDonald’s.

“That's raw chicken.”

7 News Online has contacted McDonald's New Zealand for comment.

The uncooked burger was shared on McDonald's Facebook page. Source: Facebook
The uncooked burger was shared on McDonald's Facebook page. Source: Facebook

Bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter can survive in raw chicken that is not cooked to 165C.

Receiving more than 30,000 likes within hours of sharing the post, social media users recommended the unsatisfied Auckland customer should inform the health department and take legal action against the fast food chain.

With 36,899 restaurants worldwide and more than 375,000 staff, Mr Blake is far from the first customer to receive undercooked chicken from McDonald’s with many other Twitter users sharing tales of their unhappy meals.

Seven News Online reached out to McDonald's with a spokesman confirming the customer returned the burger and they were investigating the matter.

“Incidents like this are extremely rare and we treat them very seriously," the spokesperson told 7 News Online.

"When the customer returned the product restaurant staff apologised immediately, and followed an investigation processes, including checking daily food safety reports and reviewing CCTV.

At this stage it appears the cause was human error. In the 30 million plus orders we’ve handled this year, we’ve had fewer than 20 complaints relating to undercooked food. Regardless, we constantly look at ways to reduce of incidents like this occurring.”