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McDonald's trials new tech to stop common delivery problem: 'So satisfying'

A McDonald's employee has given customers an inside look into the fast food giant's latest tech upgrade, which is promising to stop drinks leaking in delivery orders.

The Macca's team member took to TikTok to reveal a new machine that seals cups securely.

"McDonald's are giving us new equipment to try out. This one is so satisfying," the staffer says over a video showing the new tech in action.

The new machine, which is currently being trialled at a number of McDonald's locations in the UK, seals paper cups with a plastic film, preventing them from spilling.

Drink sealer machine in action - stills from McDonald's staffer's TikTok
McDonald's drinks that are given a plastic seal will not be given a lid. Source: TikTok/@olli3_02

In follow-up comments, the McDonald's employee also shared some additional information about the new machines.

"Just to clear up a few things, the machine has been put in our store as a trial and is for delivery only," he said.

"It looks slow but we have an automatic drinks machine so don't spend time anymore making the fizzy drinks as a machine makes them for us."

Mixed reaction to McDonald's innovation

While the staffer's TikTok video has received over 10 million views, social media users remain torn over whether the additional layer plastic required for the cup seals is a positive idea.

"Ah yes, replacing recyclable lids with unrecyclable plastic film," one person wrote.

"So we can't have plastic straws but we can have plastic over our drink to stab our blunt paper straw through?" said another.

"'Can I have a Coke please?' 'Can't love the lid machine ain't working'," joked a third.

Many TikTok users are also labelling the new technology "McBoba'" due to its similarity to the presentation of bubble tea drinks, but others are convinced the tech will be a positive change.

"They use the same machines at bubble tea places, it actually seals the drinks a lot better so no spills and is cost efficient compare to the old lids," one TikTok user said.

"This should be good for food delivery apps drivers/riders. Stops them leaking in the bags," wrote another.

Will McDonald's Australia introduce sealing technology?

A spokesperson for McDonald's Australia told Yahoo News that they will be closely monitoring the outcome of the drinks trial in the UK.

"McDonald's Australia continues to work with our restaurants and our delivery partners to ensure we're delivering hot, fresh food and cold drinks to our customers," the spokesperson said.

"While there are no immediate plans to bring this technology to Australia, we will certainly watch the outcome of the UK trial with interest."

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