McDonald's customer stunned by feature on drink lid: 'Wait, what?'

An Australian McDonald's customer was astounded by a new discovery on a lid — although according to some it's not a new feature.

TikTok user elpapa1998 was amazed when they realised the flat McDonald's lid— used for soft drinks — has a small rectangular hole you can push in to turn it into a 'sippy cup'.

In the short clip, the user puts the cup down before pressing one of the raised bubbles around the edges down to create a hole to drink out of — like the lid of a takeaway coffee cup.

The Tiktok user was amazed by the feature on the McDonald's Cup..
The Tiktok user was amazed by the feature on the McDonald's cup lid. Source: TikTok

"I've gone the last 23 years of my life not knowing about this," the surprised Tiktok user wrote on the video, posted on Tuesday.

TikTok users divided over McDonald's cup feature

Just over 24 hours later, the video has been viewed over three million times with over 2000 comments. People were divided over whether or not it's a commonly known feature.

"Wait what, since when was this a thing," one amazed TikToker commented.

"Never seen this," agreed another.

Others had found different ways to not use a straw when drinking.

"I just drink it from straw hole lol," an avid Maccas fan wrote.

"Bet you didn't realise the lids can be used as a coaster as well," another added.

Others said they don't think it will be the most efficient way to drink.

"Yeah and it will take about 23 years to finish it," a TikToker joked.

Although some users pointed out it could be a regionally specific lid feature.

"Ok but I have a McDonald’s cup right next to me and it doesn’t have this," a woman responded to the clip.

"Might depend on what country you're in," a user responded.

"Those rectangles have been on my Maccas cups in Melbourne, Australia since I was little".

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