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Mayor shames couple's X-rated beach act — but not everyone agrees

Footage of the couple sitting on the sand with their legs wrapped around each other has gone viral.

WARNING — GRAPHIC CONTENT: A couple's brazen affection for each other on a beach in broad daylight has sparked outrage among locals, including the mayor who has publicly criticised the pair's X-rated act.

Footage of the couple sitting with their legs wrapped around each other just metres away from other sunbathers was filmed by a baffled beachgoer on the coast of Trani, Italy, and has since gone viral on social media.

The pair reportedly made no attempt to disguise that they were being sexually intimate, horrifying viewers. One of those who was less than impressed by the couple's public act was none other than the mayor of Trani — Amedeo Bottaro.

A couple have sex at a beach in Trani, Italy.
The pair reportedly made no attempt to disguise that they were being sexually intimate, stunning other beachgoers. Source: CEN/Australscope

The 52-year-old shared the clip online on May 25. "We had planned to create new accessible stretches of coastline," he wrote. "We had planned to create new meeting places and gathering spots. However, perhaps you went a bit 'overboard'."

His post received a mixed reaction, with one follower commenting: "It is a serious offence. I don't understand how they haven't been reported."

X-rated video divides locals

However, not everyone agreed.

"Well, in a city famous for brawls, violence, and stabbings, at least someone is making love. It's surprising to see so much outrage from citizens, who are usually so respectful of the law, when it comes to others," another person said.

One person even chose to criticise the mayor, writing: "I find the act itself indecent in a public place, but I also find it equally unproductive to record a video and circulate it in this manner.

"Then we shouldn't complain about the society we live in, considering that it is up to us to give meaning to the things we do by sharing things that set a good example, rather than the opposite."

'You're all so naughty'

Others reacted with humour.

"The individuals must be identified immediately and reported for indecent acts in a public place, especially because the mayor mentioned enjoying the beach, not enjoying it on the beach," one person said.

"You're all so naughty. They were just finding the right position to be more comfortable on those uncomfortable rocks," another joked.


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