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Tourist's X-rated act at sacred Bali site sparks backlash: 'Beyond rude'

The reportedly Russian tourist has been forced to apologise for the incident.

A tourist has been forced to apologise after he committed an X-rated act at a sacred site in Bali, sparking a heavy backlash from Indonesians and other travellers.

There have been calls to deport the reportedly Russian man after a photo of him standing on top of Mount Agung — considered a dwelling place of the gods — with his pants and underwear around his ankles went viral.

It was reposted by several local Instagram accounts, including that of angry Indonesian designer Niluh Djelantik who called for the government to “kick out garbage tourists”. “This kind of behaviour is beyond rude and disrespectful,” Bali Livin posted online alongside the image.

The reportedly Russian tourist apologising and, right, standing on Mount Agung in Bali with his pants around his ankles.
There have been calls to deport the reportedly Russian man after a photo of himself standing on top of Mount Agung in Bali with his pants around his ankles went viral. Source: Instagram

It’s understood the man, who uses the Instagram handle chila_brazila, was part of a group of at least seven foreigners who climbed the mountain without registering as hikers — which is prohibited, according to local publication Coconuts Bali.

“[According to witnesses], a group of foreigners consisting of more than seven people climbed [Mt Agung] on Saturday early in the morning without any guide,” Mt Agung’s hiking coordinator I Wayan Widi Yasa was quoted by DetikBali.

In a lengthy Instagram post and video on Tuesday, the tourist said he was “wildly sorry” for his actions and “really did not know” the mountain was a sacred place. “I want to apologise for my actions that desecrated the sacred volcano for the local population,” he said, according to a translation.

The man's rude image reposted with a caption deeming it 'disgusting' and a photo of the smiling Russian tourist.
The 'rude' image was reposted by multiple local Instagram accounts. Source: Instagram

“There is no excuse for my actions. The only thing that led to what happened was my personal ignorance. Ignorance of the peculiarities of the local religion.

“After studying the culture and religion of Bali, I realised my mistake. Agung is a sacred symbol for the Balinese. Shiva destroys the universe in a continuous circle of rebirths. The locals revere the gods and believe that if you anger them, an eruption will occur. And this will lead to the destruction of the island.”

Bali authorities crack down on unruly tourists

Balinese authorities are cracking down on travellers amid an increase in reports of unruly tourists committing various violations on the island.

On Monday, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno said the government and the Bali Province administration had decided to form a new task force to try and tackle the problem, Coconuts Bali reports.

“We must work fast together with the Bali Provincial Government to form units under the task force,” he said. “We will be firm if there are violations against the law, but we will still maintain hospitality for [tourists] coming to Indonesia especially Bali.”

The move comes a week after Bali Governor Wayan Koster revealed tourists who visit the popular holiday destination could soon be banned from renting motorbikes.

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