Man's wild act on Sydney train amid freezing weather: 'Holy s***'

Using public transport is rarely straightforward.

Commuters often find themselves packed in like sardines while frequent delays are an unwanted headache.

And every now and then, bizarre behaviour from a fellow passenger makes you wish you'd just hopped in the car to work.

That was likely the thought process for those on an early morning train heading for Sydney's CBD on Wednesday.

Taking to Reddit, one man shared a wild image of a passenger who'd decided to strip off despite the chilly winter conditions.

Another bizarre sight on Sydney's public transport network. Source: Reddit/ bigpappa88
Another bizarre sight on Sydney's public transport network. Source: Reddit/ bigpappa88

"Sydney commuter getting a bit too comfortable this morning..." the user wrote.

In the revealing photo the man appears to be asleep, slumped over and resting his head on his jacket inches from the man next to him.

The user went on to explain his trip started out "very normal" until the man began napping and decided to take off his shirt.

"He even apologised to me before finally settling in," he said, adding a bunch of nearby schoolchildren were loving the wild act.

Reddit stunned by man's stunt

The man's questionable train etiquette raised questions online, with some not knowing what to make of his behaviour.

"It's winter," one shocked user said.

"How is he not cold?" another commented.

"Cityrail gold,' one person said.

"As someone from New York, holy s***," a US native added.

Others began reminiscing about the other weird sight they've seen on Sydney trains, including a man who brought his own karaoke set up onto a carriage.

"This one guy who thought a train was a great place to start clipping his fingernails," someone else recalled.

Some sympathised with the man, speculating he was ill and was burning up.

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