Bizarre Sydney train photo stumps passengers: 'Unusual'

Sydney commuters have been left perplexed by a bizarre train station photo that even had the network's Twitter account seemingly stumped.

One Twitter user shared a photo of a bench facing Wollstonecraft station however it's located in the middle of an elevated flower bed and immediately facing railings.

"I often enjoy fence watching," one user joked.

"Think someone misread the plans on that one!" another added.

"Lol. What?" a user bluntly asked.

Twitter users were miffed by the bench's location. Source: Twitter
Twitter users were miffed by the bench's location. Source: Twitter

Many suggested it was in fact for trainspotters, with one user joking it was reserved for Francis Bourgeois, the joyous trainspotter whose gained international fame through TikTok.

Even the T1 line Twitter account for Sydney Trains was confused.

"Yeah ok that's... different," they said, vowing to get to the bottom of it.

Transport for NSW later clarified to Yahoo News Australia that the bench's installation was part of ongoing work.

"While it may look slightly unusual now, customers can be assured the seat will form part of the Wollstonecraft Station Upgrade, to provide a better experience for public transport customers," a spokesperson said.

"Due to minor works that needed to be finalised before the fence could be modified, the seat has been installed first."

The seat will be accessible to travellers before Christmas.

"While we're sure the seat has a wonderful view of the fence now, for the moment you will need to admire it from a distance," the T1 Twitter account joked.

The work is part of the Transport Access Program (TAP) which is committed to improving accessibility for those with a disability, limited mobility, carers, parents with prams and customers with luggage.

Last month, Sydney commuters expressed their disgust when a passenger left behind used cotton buds on a seat.

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