Sydney commuter's incredible train set-up captured in TikTok video

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A genius commuter was captured living their best life on a Sydney train with a TikTok video showing off all their travel necessities.

The TikTok video, which had been viewed more than 135,000 times at the time of writing, was shared by Rinza Ghimire, or @rinzaghimire and shows a fellow passenger making the most of their commute.

The savvy passenger appears to be projecting a film onto a wall of a train for their viewing pleasure.

A commuter brought their own projector and massage gun on the train. Source: TikTok/rinzaghimire
A commuter brought their own projector and massage gun on the train. Source: TikTok/rinzaghimire

Donning a hoodie, the passenger is also seen using a massage tool while enjoying their makeshift theatre screen.

"What a convenience," Ghimire wrote on TikTok.

Quite a few people were impressed with the set up, with one person saying the person has a "gold class train ticket".

"Good on him, knows how to spend his time wisely I guess," someone else remarked.

"All he needs is a microwave for popcorn," another said.

But Rinza said in the comments the passenger was already enjoying a pizza to complement his relaxing commute.

It appears the train is headed out west, so someone said if he is heading to Penrith, he may as well "be comfortable".

Someone else in the comments said they sat behind the same guy coming home from university "the other day" and said he was watching Big Brother.

Another person said they saw him on a train in April and he also had the massaging gun tool then.

"I see no issue here, only a person living happily in 3020 while the rest of us plebs struggle through 2021," another person put it.

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