Passengers appalled by ‘disgusting’ act on Sydney train

As the numbers of commuters on public transport begin to rise with the easing of Covid restrictions, predictably so will passengers' grumblings during their journey.

Loud music, consumption of food and seat-hogging baggage are among the common complaints to arise from commuters.

Yet one Sydney train passenger this week shared an uncommon act by a fellow traveller that prompted disgust from many online.

Taking to Reddit to share a photo of the act, they described the passenger's behaviour as "trashy".

Pictured was five cotton buds left on a seat, several of which were used.

Five cotton buds on a blue Sydney train seat with a green sit here sticker.
The cotton buds were left discarded on a Sydney train seat. Source: Reddit/ Legendaros

It is unclear what exactly was on the cotton buds, however most were in agreement the behaviour was far from acceptable.

"That's just nasty," one person wrote.

"Ew, I thought people leaving food was bad," another said.

"I f****** hate public transport," one user declared.

Another said they wanted to work from home forever to avoid the "unwashed masses".

"Anti-waxxers," one person joked.

Passengers caught littering on a train can face a penalty notice of $200, Transport NSW says.

Act ignites debate about 'disgusting' train habits

People began to discuss the other "disgusting" habits people were guilty of on transport and other public settings.

Cinema and restaurant employees agreed discarded face masks was becoming a problem.

"It's just another example of people not giving a s***, if it's going to slightly inconvenience them," one of them said.

Others said they had witnessed passengers clipping their finger and toe nails on the train.

"That done me, I drove from then on," one person said.

In 2019, a group of women's bare feet caused a stir on a Sydney train after they were placed on adjacent seats.

In 2018, a man who went viral for shaving on a train in New Jersey later revealed he was homeless and was desperate to look presentable as he travelled to family seeking help.

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