'What is living in here?': Man's spooky trap door find in holiday home

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A family staying at a cottage for a few days have made an unsettling discovery under a trap door found in the living room.

Robert, or @robertibus, explained on TikTok he and his family had gone away for a retreat in a "lovely little cottage", however a few things around the cottage had him on edge.

The first being the trap door in the living room, which one of the sofa sits on top of. Robert moved the sofa and declared it was time for an "adventure".

Pictured. is the trap door in the living room and the stairs. which go down into the basement.
A man found a green water-filled basement, under a trap door, at the cottage he was staying at. Source: TikTok/robertibus

"This is not creepy in the slightest," he says, sarcastically.

He fiddles with the the knob on the door, which he eventually opens up.

'What is this? Oh, my days," he exclaims.

"That's terrifying."

Robert calls for his dog, Samson, saying he is in need of emotional support. Samson, being a good boy, obliges and walks into the living room.

"Yeah, I'm scared too," Robert says to Samson.

It's pitch black behind the door, but there's a set of stairs which Robert decides to go down after turning on his light.

"What the flip? Oh my gosh," he says when he gets down the stairs and sees green water filling the space under the living room.

In addition to the water being "very green", Robert says it's also quite deep and observes a drain in the middle.

"What creepy a** thing is living in here?" he asks before retreating from the basement and back into the living room, clearly in shock.

"So, turns out we booked the holiday home of a swamp monster, so that's good," he says once he's safely upstairs.

"Maybe he knows where the remote's gone."

Pictured. is the green. water which fills the basement at the cottage
The TikTok user said the green water was quite deep and on the floor was a drain in the middle of the room. Source" TikTok/robertibus

In the comments Roberts said he and his family were staying near Coniston Waters, in England's Lake District.

"I've seen Cabin in the Woods, I know what's down there," someone joked.

While someone else suggested Robert call Ghostbusters, others had more realistic ideas on why there was green water in the basement.

"That's drain tracing dye, someone has tried to figure out a sewer direction and it led to that manhole/drain. That would be my guess," someone said.

Another person came to the same conclusion and Robert said the owners confirmed the theory when he asked them.

Other spooky incidents in cabin

Robert's first video on Tiktok racked up over 150,000 views, however in a follow-up video, he explained the 'saga continues".

It turns out, the trap door and the room filled with water weren't the only strange things about the cottage.

In the Part Two he explained the green dye in the basement would likely determine where the water is coming from, adding it may not be "quite as creepy" as initially thought.

However, other strange things have happened in the cottage since he and his family arrived.

Upon arrival, he spent an hour trying to find the TV remote, with no luck.

The next morning, he found the remote sitting on the sofa.

"Just like that, no word of a lie. Where the heck did it come from? In all seriousness, it literally wasn't me," he said, adding it wasn't his partner, or their infant child.

Robert also claimed the the sink tap has turned on by itself twice.

"So alongside the creepy basement filled with green water, the tap that turns itself on and the magically appearing remote, there is also a gaping hole in the wall, filled with creepy tools," Robert explains in part three.

He then takes his phone over to the hole in the wall, where the odd assortment of objects lie. He finds a note which says 'Charlotte was here 20—".

Robert's series of spooky videos have been viewed a combined total of 200,000 times.

The remote showed up randomly, a tap keeps turning on by itself and the gaping hole in the wall was filled with strange objects and a note. Source: TikTok/robertibus
The remote showed up randomly, a tap keeps turning on by itself and the gaping hole in the wall was filled with strange objects and a note. Source: TikTok/robertibus

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