Real estate agent’s 'creepy' find in vacant house

A real estate agent has made a “really disturbing” find in a vacant house.

Mary Soroka, a realtor in Richmond in the US state of Virginia, shared her “creepiest” find on TikTok from a vacant house.

Ms Soroka says she made the find in the attic of a house which was vacant “for some years” and the room had no air conditioning.

On the walls are a heap of drawings done by children. Ms Soroka says some are in crayon.

“Really disturbing to say the least,” she says.

“Lots of children stayed up here. I want to know who these kids are. I saw a date of 2001. These kids are grown now. Who are these kids that stayed up here?”

Mary Soroka is pictured with walls of an attic behind her covered in children's drawings.
Mary Soroka, a real estate agent, says these children's drawings are the creepiest thing she's come across in her line of work. Source: TikTok/mary_soroka_rva_realtor

One of the drawings appears to be of Sailor Moon. Another is a drawing of “naked people” done by “James and Lucas”, according to writing scribbled on the wall.

“Did I scare you?” is also written on the walls along with “I heart dogs”.

The find left Ms Soroka hoping the kids could be tracked down to explain the drawings and notes.

“I bet they’ve got some stories to tell,” she says.

Disturbing drawings spark debate on TikTok

On TikTok, people were divided by the meanings behind the drawings.

Some were horrified by the sketches on the walls.

“This is not normal,” one woman wrote.

“This comment section is giving me anxiety.”

Another woman wrote the room gave off “bad vibes” and she had a similar one in her home as a child.

“[It was] always cold in just that room and I felt on edge like someone was always with me,” she wrote.

Others didn’t seem too bothered by the discovery.

One woman wrote it’s possible the room was just used by siblings who liked to draw.

“It’s kind of a neat room. I could see them using it as a hideaway,” she wrote.

Another wrote “it’s normal” and she “loved sneaking into the attic”.

One man wrote it looked like a “play fort” which was occupied by the kids because the parents didn’t use the attic.

“No bad vibes for me,” he wrote.

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