Large property for sale the site of 'grisly stand-offs, killings'

A large eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom property has been listed for sale but it’s probably not a place for people who are easily spooked.

A “certifiably haunted” jail is on the market in Trenton, Florida, for more than A$180,000, according to its listing on

“The old Gilchrist county jail in Trenton is a very unique attraction for those thrill seekers out there whom over the years have come from all over the world to document the heavy paranormal activity that frequently occurs inside and outside of the jail,” the listing reads.

“See apparitions walking around the grounds in broad day. Possibly the spirits within will voice what's on their mind when you arrive before you even make it inside.”

The Old Gilchrist County Jail is pictured.
The Old Gilchrist County Jail is up for sale with the agent claiming it houses the paranomal. Source:

The jail was active from 1928 until 1968 with a “home/living” extension added in 1966.

During this period it was the site of “grisly stand-offs, killings and much more”.

Prisoners were also placed in the jail with no supervision, according to the listing.

It’s being suggested the buyer use it for a business or tourism opportunity instead of a residence.

The Old Gilchrist County Jail is pictured.
The jail has been closed for more than 50 years. Source:

Apartment's unusual bedding situation

In other real estate news, a listing for an apartment in Bristol, England raised a few eyebrows recently for its unusual bed and living set-up.

In the images shared by the realtor, the bed is seen suspended over the couch, like a make-shift bunk bed, right next to the kitchen.

It’s listed for £140,000, (about $A250,000).

"This property boasts a contemporary decor; with white high-gloss kitchen units and quality integrated appliances, a well-proportioned and modern shower room, as well as an open-plan and incredibly low-maintenance living space," the listing says.

The photo raised some questions on Twitter - like how would one get into the bed.

"I imagine one uses a pogo stick," one woman tweeted.

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