TikTok user captures 'creepy' detail in window of mansion

A woman has spotted a terrifying detail in the window of an old mansion home believed to be empty.

TikTok user Rebecca, who uses the handle rebabeba, shared video on the platform that her mum shot outside a large house in Carmel, California.

Rebecca’s mum notes in the video the “gorgeous” house used to belong to the Murphy family but now appears to be deserted.

“I don’t know who the Murphys were but I don’t think they’ve lived here for a while,” she says.

A house in Carmel, California is pictured with a face peeking out of a window.
Viewers noticed something 'creepy' in the window of this California house. Source: TikTok/rebabeba

The woman looks around the grounds, panning her camera past the windows.

She calls the house “beautiful” but eagle-eyed viewers, including her daughter Rebecca, picked up something staring back from the window.

On the second storey of the house a face can be seen peeking out.

On social media, plenty of people were freaked out by the subtle face, with one of the 1.8 million TikTok viewers calling it “creepy as hell”.

“That makes my hairs stand up watching this,” another man tweeted.

One woman said it’s the last thing she should have watched before going to bed.

However in a follow-up TikTok video, Rebecca later clarified the face does not belong to a real person.

“I really hope that no one did call the police,” she joked.

“Because as you can see, it’s a mannequin head.”

A mannequin head is seen in the window of a home in Carmel, California.
It turns out - the face belongs to a mannequin head. Source: TikTok/ rebabeba

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