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Man's shocking find in toilet: 'Looked back up at me'

A shocked homeowner has discovered a massive snake hiding in his toilet.

Wanit Changsawang noticed a brown thing on the bottom of the toilet at his home in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, on March 3.

The 30-year-old thought it was only dirt but when it moved here realised it was a python and frantically flushed it down with a bucket of water.

He thought it had already left his home but when he used the toilet again the next morning, the snake showed up again.

The snake in the man's toilet. Source: Viral Press/Australscope
Wanit Changsawang noticed a snake in the bottom of his toilet on March 3. Source: Viral Press/Australscope (ViralPress)

"The snake had been hiding in my toilet for three days before I found it. Every time I lifted the lid, it just looked back up at me," Wanit said.

The house owner then flushed the reptile down, this time with more water, until it was gone. He said he will call the animal rescuers the next time it shows up.

"Fortunately the snake did not hurt anybody and it wasn't injured. The next time I see it again, I will call the animal rescuers for help," Wanit said.

Massive 50kg python found in toilet

A Thai woman discovered a 50kg python stretched out in her family's toilet in Pathum Thani earlier this month.

Sunanta Wansa, 58, had gone to use the restroom but was terrified to see the huge snake hissing at her upon opening the door.

The python found in the Thai woman's bathroom.
A Thai woman discovered a 50kg python stretched out in her family's toilet in Pathum Thani earlier this month. Source: Australscope (ViralPress)

Fearing for her safety, Sunanta contacted the local rescue team for help. Animal control officers arrived at the scene with snake-catching equipment.

They pushed open the door and found the reptile curled near the toilet seat. The python was reportedly hostile and hissed at the specialists as they approached it.

Using a pole, the rescuers caught the large serpent and held it by its head, dragging it out of the woman's house. It was more than three metres long.

Viral Press/Australscope

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